FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY The Unity Club Elected Officers and Business Representatives have proven that fiscal responsibility had to be a main concern if we wanted this Local to survive. The Elected Officers and Business Reps have continued to make personal sacrifices by cutting their own wages and benefits that has saved the local $1.9 million dollars over the last 5 years. The reps also buy at least 50% of their gas. Along with those commitments to fiscal responsibility, we continue to make smart decisions on spending, even with the expense of fighting Right To Work and the repeal of Prevailing Wage.

RESPECTFUL REPRESENTATION The Unity Club continues to hold meetings for different classifications as to hear their specific concerns. Members are encouraged to participate, encouraged to call, as we have an open-door policy. We are here to assist and work for our members--not intimidate them. We made the decision to hold 4 meetings a year in different parts of the jurisdiction. This has worked well for those that cannot make it to St. Louis. We also have 5 meetings a year on the first Wed. at 5pm, they have also had good attendance. We realize Members have busy family schedules; an alternative Union meeting schedule would help the Membership stay informed. The Organizer and Reps have been successful in signing 91 new companies to IBEW contracts.

CONTRACTS The Unity Club has settled contracts with percentages that are above the area and industry three-year average (2016-2019); Local 1 JW’s avg. 2.96%. Local 1 CJT’s avg. 2.96%, UA Local 562- 2.38%, SMW Local 36 - 2.17%, IBEW 257 - 1.43%, IBEW 350 - 1.67%

BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES  The Unity Club continues to operate with nine Business Representatives. Reps have worked hard to make job visits, not only to assist our Members but also to meet the general contractors and prove we are there to assist the project. These relationships have helped when we need to discuss work being awarded to a non-signatory contractor.

UPGRADING TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES The Unity Club has gone to great lengths to make things easier for the membership. The Union hall now has a bid system for JW’s, Res., and Comms. where members can bid on jobs and check their status on line. We use email, texts and robo-calls to get information to members quickly and at little or no cost. The Service Center has most forms, accounts and information on-line. Members providing us their email will make it more efficient. We now accept credit and debit card payments for dues and merchandise.

LOCAL 57 The Unity Club led by Business Manager Jacobs, has worked hard to eliminate Local 57. In 2011 they had 18 contractors they are down to 8. Two of those contractors, are now signatory with Local 1. There is an offer on the table with the CDC for Local 1 to take over the 57 contract. To date the offer has not been accepted by the CDC. If accepted, it would end this nasty divide in St. Louis labor history. We will continue to work to eliminate Local 57 .

IBEW RESPECT The Unity Club, Business Manager Jacobs, along with the Business Representatives, have worked hard to build a good relationship with the rest of the Building Trades. Building strong relationships with the other trades has helped in support as we battle our enemies on job sites and in politics. Business Manager Jacobs was unanimously elected the new Vice President of the St. Louis Building Trades. A positive contract in 2016, with wage and benefit increases that were better than average, set a high bar for the other trades to shoot for.

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM  The Unity Club realized the importance of getting quality applicants and despite being Apprentices, they should not be taken advantage of during negotiations. The apprentices now can get their books at no cost. Our program is now accredited with the SLCC for an associate’s degree. Our apprentices will be craft certified upon leaving the program. We continue to work to have the best apprenticeship training program in the country.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE The Unity Club continues the positive attitude and Brotherhood that built this great organization. Courage, compassion, and faith in the future are fundamental to Local 1’s success. We will continue to work hard for our members to find work in St. Louis. But in the event there is work elsewhere, we do what we can to help our members get what they need to obtain those jobs to support their families.

THE UNITY CLUB’S PROMISE TO YOU  TO CONTINUE to give all members of all classifications the proper representation owed to each and every one of you, and to continue to take back market share and help get our members employment and keep them employed.

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