Brother Tom George Jr., the oldest son of former IBEW Local 1 President Tom George Sr., entered our “A” apprenticeship program in 1988 and began directly serving the Brotherhood on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee in 2001. During his 15 years on the Committee Tom would work with now Business Manager Frank Jacobs and others on the Committee to help shape policiesVote for the Unity Club Candidates! such as: mandatory union meeting attendance, community service hours, and apprenticeship rotation. These experiences prepared Tom for his current position as an Officer on the Examining Board, a recommendation that was offered and accepted by the Executive Board on December 23, 2016. Tom is working with other Examining Board officers to fully implement the National Training Institute’s “Craft Certification” testing procedures at Local 1. This intensive testing curriculum will help the Board better evaluate prospective new member applicants.

In addition to his plans to implement the latest testing and evaluation procedures for our Examining Board, Tom will continue his work after-hours as a newly elected member of the Fort Zumwalt School Board. Tom credits his success in the recent campaign to the mentorship of his father and the support of our membership volunteers. He has vowed that his work on the Fort Zumwalt School Board will put our kids first and ensure the most efficient use of taxpayer revenue.

From the time he was 14 years old Tom was at his father’s side working on behalf of the IBEW and working families and was never more honored than when he was selected to represent Local 1 as a Delegate to the 38th Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. In recalling the experience Tom noted the work of our delegation to standardize the re-sign procedures for members under Resolution 35.

Tom vows to continue the lifelong example set by his father in service to our membership, “The IBEW means everything to me and has provided for my family our entire lives. I vow to work hard so that future generations can enjoy the opportunities that a career in the IBEW offers!”

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommends Brother Tom George Jr. for the position of Officer on the Examining Board!

Tommy George, Jr.
Age: 50
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Initiated: March 30, 1988
Officer: Examining Board, 2016 - Present
Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee: 2001 – 2016
Delegate, 38th Convention
Member, Fort Zumwalt School Board, 2017 - Present
Steward, Foreman, General Foreman

Wife - Andrea, Journeyman Wireman, JATC Instructor
Father - Tom George Sr., Journeyman Wireman, Former: Secretary Voluntary Fund, Election Judge, JATC Night Instructor, Delegate to IBEW International Convention, Organizer / Business Representative, Registrar, Examining Board Officer, Executive Board Officer, Vice President, President, Delegate IBEW Conference, Vice President IBEW Conference, Delegate and Trustee for State Building and Construction Trades Council
Brother - Tony George, Journeyman Wireman, former State Representative
Brother - Tim George, Journeyman Wireman
Brother-in-Law - Matt Gober, Journeyman Wiremman

Frank Jacobs

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