Steve recounts his time working with his brother Rob and late Business Manager Greg Booth as charter members of the then newly formed Tri-County Labor Club with great pride. Not only would the three spend their evenings and weekends volunteering on behalf of pro-labor candidates, they also worked in concert with other building trades volunteers to transform #10 Droste Plaza into a meetingVote for the Unity Club Candidates! place for what is now one of our areas largest and most successful Labor Clubs.

Like many of our members hit hard by the Great Recession, Steve was forced to travel for more than 4 years to feed his family and knows first-hand how difficult life can be on the road. “I am very proud of my time on the road. I did what I had to do to feed my family and it made me stronger. I understand what those members (on the road) are going through.” Steve noted that he was also very proud of Business Manager Frank Jacobs decision to charter a bus on what would become Local 1’s first-ever, “Book-Signing Tour,” for our unemployed members. Local 124 put out an open call for two upcoming shutdowns. With so many members unable to afford the travel cost to Kansas City, the Local Union chartered a round-trip bus to carry them there to sign Book 2, “That was a great shot-in-the-arm for our members,” Steve said. It was this experience which prompted Steve and his traveling partner, Jim Reinheimer Jr., to push for implementation of a Hiring Hall bid system at Local 1.

A 29-year member, Steve credits his trade union values to his father Henry, “My father was always the steward on the job, when the job was over he went back to hall. He received his 65-year pin and we were happy he was there to see Rob win before passing in 2011.”

Steve is the currently the Shop Steward for Systems Go, LLC, a member-owned IBEW signatory and has served our industry as General Foreman, Foreman, Steward, and Shop Steward.

Steve has completed both the International Office and the IBEW Local 1 Construction steward training programs. In addition to his ongoing association as an Executive Board member of the Tri-County Labor Club, Steve is also an active member of the Warren County Labor Club.

Steve was called forward and recommended for the Executive Board by Business Manager Frank Jacobs because of his unwavering commitment to our cause.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommends Brother Steve Dussold for Officer on the Executive Board!

Steve Dussold
Age: 49
Initiated: March 30, 1988
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Officer, Executive Board, 2016 - Present
Member, Executive Board, Tri-County Labor Club
Member, Warren County Labor Club

Father - Henry Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Brother - Rob Dussold, Journeyman Wireman, former Secretary of the Executive Board, Business Representive
Cousin - Dan Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Cousin - Anne Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Cousin - Samatha Dussold, Journeyman Wireman

Frank Jacobs

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