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Chris is a third generation, 33-year member and son of the former Secretary of the Executive Board, Ben (Benny) Clermont, a 67-year member! Many older members reflect fondly on Chris’s retired father, and as the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Business Manager Frank Jacobs takes great pride in the fact that his recommendation for Recording Secretary has a reputation as a talented Journeyman Wireman and devoted union man. Chris’s calm demeanor would serve him well as Chief Steward for Business Representative’s Dave Stanley and Steve Muehling during the recent General Motors shutdown, where Chris would have over 275 members under his protection. Recognizing Chris’s ability to administer to the concerns of our members on a massive scale, Business Manager Jacobs selected him to help coordinate our ongoing efforts to place Senate Bill 19 on the ballot in 2018. Chris has been officially appointed Director of our signature gathering efforts for the Referendum Petition on Right-to-Work.

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