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Brother Dave Roth joined our ranks in 1979 as a BA Supply member and transitioned into the A apprenticeship program in 1982. It was a proud day for Dave’s father, 50-year member Al Roth, when his son received his Journeyman Wireman classification in 1986. Since that time Dave has served in our industry as Foreman, General Foreman, Steward, and Shop Steward. As a member of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), Dave interviewed applicants for our commercial, residential, and communication training programs and participated in the National Joint Apprenticeship Training convention. Appointed Teller for our 1999 and 2002 Local Union election, Dave’s reputation and integrity would help him become our Treasurer in 2003. Reelected as Treasurer in 2005, 2008, 2011, and again in 2014, Dave continues to be a guardian over your dues investment in our Local Union’s general funds.

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Through Unity comes strength, through strength comes progress!