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We called Sylvester Taylor to talk about his time as a State Representative and his work with the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC). A 27-year member, Sylvester was instrumental in establishing the Saint Louis Chapter of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus in 2000 and was the impetus for what has become an annual tradition, the Holiday Coat Drive. “It started when I learned the child I was mentoring had gone two years without a winter coat,” said Taylor. Sylvester had been volunteering at a local children’s home when this discovery moved him to act. He would see to it that every kid at the home, 34 in total, would get a much need holiday gift that year - a new winter coat! With the help of the EWMC and with his wife Ernestine by his side, Sylvester managed to raise enough money to buy 22 coats that first year – he would purchase the remaining 12 out of his own pocket. To date the annual campaign has donated more than 8,000 coats to area kids in need, a tribute to the generosity of our members and Sylvester's tenacity and perseverance.

Brother Tom George Jr., the oldest son of former IBEW Local 1 President Tom George Sr., entered our “A” apprenticeship program in 1988 and began directly serving the Brotherhood on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee in 2001. During his 15 years on the Committee Tom would work with now Business Manager Frank Jacobs and others on the Committee to help shape policies such as: mandatory union meeting attendance, community service hours, and apprenticeship rotation. These experiences prepared Tom for his current position as an Officer on the Examining Board, a recommendation that was offered and accepted by the Executive Board on December 23, 2016. Tom is working with other Examining Board officers to fully implement the National Training Institute’s “Craft Certification” testing procedures at Local 1. This intensive testing curriculum will help the Board better evaluate prospective new member applicants.

Brother Josh Peniston raised his right hand and promised to,” …further the purposes for which the IBEW is instituted,” on February 8, 1997, and his actions speak louder than his words. Josh has volunteered to represent your Local Union on construction sites both large and small, a challenging appointment vital to protecting you and your Local Unions interests, but one that often results in unforeseen consequences. Josh’s ability to navigate these waters and maintain equity has garnered him high praise from site managers, our members, and his employers.

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Through Unity comes strength, through strength comes progress!