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Frank Jacobs

Frank Jacobs

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Chris is a third generation, 33-year member and son of the former Secretary of the Executive Board, Ben (Benny) Clermont, a 67-year member! Many older members reflect fondly on Chris’s retired Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!father, and as the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Business Manager Frank Jacobs takes great pride in the fact that his recommendation for Recording Secretary has a reputation as a talented Journeyman Wireman and devoted union man. Chris’s calm demeanor would serve him well as Chief Steward for Business Representative’s Dave Stanley and Steve Muehling during the recent General Motors shutdown, where Chris would have over 275 members under his protection. Recognizing Chris’s ability to administer to the concerns of our members on a massive scale, Business Manager Jacobs selected him to help coordinate our ongoing efforts to place Senate Bill 19 on the ballot in 2018. Chris has been officially appointed Director of our signature gathering efforts for the Referendum Petition on Right-to-Work.

In 2013 Chris was selected to attend the Construction Organizing Membership Education Training (COMET) ‘Train-the-Trainer’ class in Kansas City, Missouri. Chris would then work with Business Manager Jacobs to modify the curriculum to meet the unique needs of our Local Union. Annually, Chris joins Vice-President Frankie Valleroy and Examining Board Officer Josh Peniston in delivering the 8-hour curriculum to our graduating apprentices.

Chris has continued his professional development throughout his career as a Journeyman Wireman, enrolling in night classes and attending the annual Significant Code Changes seminars offered through our Labor-Management partnership. In addition to his experience as a Steward and Shop Steward, Chris has also managed jobsites as a Foreman and General Foreman.

In 2015 Chris accepted an appointment to the Examining Board while working as an assistant steward on the BJC Campus Expansion. On his election as a Delegate to the 39th Convention in Saint Louis Chris said, “It was a tremendous honor to represent the membership of this Local Union on our 125th birthday! It is certainly the highlight of my career to date!”

His “by the book” approach and attention to detail made him an ideal candidate for the position of Recording Secretary, a position approved by the Executive Board in 2016.

As a devoted IBEW Local 1 member, Chris believes strong membership participation is VITAL to keep us moving in a positive direction for a higher standard of living now….and for future generations.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the Unity Club recommend Brother Chris Clermont for the position of Recording Secretary. Thank You!

Chris Clermont
Age: 52
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Recording Secretary, 2016 - Present
Delegate, 39th International Convention
Examining Board Officer, 2015 - 2016
COMET Instructor, 2013 - Present
Member, Tri-County Labor Club 

Father - Ben Clermont, former Secretary of the Executive Board, Treasurer
Brother - Dennis Clermont, Journeyman Wireman

Thirty-six year member Greg Schwartz entered our Inside apprenticeship program at just eighteen years old. A second generation Local One member, Greg's father was the President of IBEW Local Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!1145 Sign Erectors before they amalgamated with Local 1 on October 1, 1965.

An experienced steward and foreman well known for his mechanical skills, productivity, and knowledge of our working agreement, Greg would be selected by late Business Manager Donald Bresnan Sr. to attend labor law class at Saint Louis Community College. Throughout his career Greg has supported the efforts of Local 1 Representatives to secure and protect our jurisdiction, volunteering to assist them during official jobsite actions.

In 2011, Greg was elected to the Examining Board and in his own words, fulfilled his first term, “With great honor.” Greg’s strong work ethic and conviction to the backbone of our union made him the right choice to elevate to the position of Officer on the Executive Board in 2015 upon the resignation of Brother Tim Murray.

Greg supports the working men and women of IBEW Local One, and wants to carry on the tradition of our membership. “I realize the tough challenges we face today and I will work hard to keep this local and its members going in the right direction. Thanks to my father, I remember where I came from and how I got here. Remember, one for all and all for one!”

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommend Brother Greg Schwartz for Executive Board!

Greg Schwartz
Initiated: October 19, 1981
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Examining Board Officer, 2012 – 2015
Executive Board Officer, 2015 – Present

Father - Paul M. Schwartz, Sign Erector, President IBEW Local 1145

Many of your incumbent Local Union Officers started their careers of service to the IBEW by accepting a jobsite steward appointment. Those of us fortunate enough to have been a ‘Steward of Record’ for the late Jim Reinheimer Sr., would gain a skillset that continues to serve us to this day. His oldest son would have access to these insights everyday as a young Journeyman Wireman, and Vote for the Unity Club Candidateswitnessed not only his father’s level of commitment, but also his grandfathers, Examining Board Officer Harold Reinheimer.

Shortly after becoming a Journeyman, Jim would accept his first Steward appointment as Chief Steward for former Business Representative Bill Hepburn during the MEMC project. His success as a steward would lead to his appointment on many projects for numerous Representatives. Jim’s steward training continued when he was selected to attend the International Office’s Construction Stewards Training Class and later, the IBEW Steward’s ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Class where the student becomes the teacher.

Jim has served our industry as General Foreman, Foreman, and Steward. Like so many other members during the Great Recession, Jim traveled out of town for work and understands the challenges our members face on the road. These experiences led Jim to push for the implementation of a ‘bid’ Referral System at Local 1. Jim said, “Years ago many members lived relatively close to our union hall and commuting daily to our hiring hall was no big deal. Today many members live an hour or more from the hall and gas was over three dollars a gallon when the bottom dropped out for us, members needed to conserve every dollar they had. A bid system removes the expense and uncertainty of a ‘day book’ during times of high unemployment.”

A consistent IBEW Local 1 volunteer, Jim’s silent support and commitment was recognized by the Staff and Officers of Local 1 and he was recommended for a seat on the Executive Board.

A devoted father and family man intent on being present as his sons grew into adulthood, Jim has now set his sights on applying his long-standing level of commitment as an officer on the Executive Board.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommend Brother Jim Reinheimer, Jr. for Officer on the Executive Board!

Jim Reinheimer Jr.
Age: 50
Initiated: January 16, 1985; 32 year member
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
3rd Generation Member
Executive Board Officer, 2016 - Present
Tri-County Labor Club

Grandfather - Harold M. Reinheimer, Former Examining Board Officer
Father - James C. Reinheimer Sr: former Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Executive Board Officer, Business Representative
Uncle - David M. Reinheimer, Retired JW
Brother - Paul M. Reinheimer, Communication Journeyman Technician, Former Executive Board Officer, Business Representative

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