Executive Board

A first-generation member, incumbent Vice President Frankie Valleroy was initiated on February 18, 2005 and graduated from the Inside Apprenticeship Program in 2008. The youngest member of the Unity Club and one of the youngest ever to hold the position of Vice President at Local 1, Frankie’s tally of contributions bely his years of service. Seizing the first available opportunity to become a Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!'Steward of Record,' Frankie thrives on what he describes as, “the front line for Local 1,” proving his ability to represent the interests of the Local Union onsite, advocating for our members and ensuring IBEW jurisdictional boundaries are protected.

With a reputation as a hard worker possessing excellent communication skills, Frankie’s knowledge of our Inside Agreement coupled with his creative approach to problem solving has made him a top choice for Representatives seeking Stewards capable of handling difficult projects. An abbreviated list of his Steward appointments is listed below.

In addition to his performance as a Steward, Frankie is also a natural born teacher. While attending the Construction Organizing Membership Education Training “Train-the-Trainer” class (COMET), Representatives noted the ease with which he commanded the attention of the room while delivering the content. Since his graduation from the program, Frankie has been selected to teach the opening modules of our COMET certification to every class of graduating apprentices since 2013. Business Manager Frank Jacobs was so confident in his ability as a teacher that he sought and received approval for Frankie to teach the International Office’s Construction Stewards Certification Class. As of this writing, Frankie is midway through teaching his first class of 20 members.

Frankie was honored to be selected as a Teller for the 2014 Local Union election and in 2015 Business Manager Jacobs would recommend him for a seat on the Examining Board. Serving on the Examining Board until 2016, Frankie would be elevated to the position of Vice President in late 2016. A longtime member of the Jefferson County Labor Club, Frankie was recently granted a seat on the Club’s Executive Board.

Membership in the IBEW is a great source of pride for Brother Valleroy, a pride that is reflected in his work to educate our younger members on how IBEW members should handle themselves on the job and in the community. Frankie's emphasis on putting your best foot forward mirrors the tenets of the IBEW's Code of Excellence. 

On his mission as an IBEW member and our Vice President, Brother Valleroy offers the following:

“I will stand up against politicians who would see our way of life destroyed. I will defend the gains of those who came before us and fight for better conditions for those that will come after me. I will continue to look for new ways to increase member involvement and strengthen our organization.

I learned at a young age to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I grew up on a wrestling mat and learned that nothing is ever handed to you. You must work hard and fight for everything and apply those lessons every day of your life. Actions most often speak louder than words and I try very hard to lead by example. I have learned over the years that communication is a very important skill. The importance of effective listening is often overlooked, I will always have an open ear for concerns and ideas from the membership. I never shy away from trying someone else’s way, you can always learn something new.”

Abbreviated listing of Steward Appointments: 
Schnucks Des Peres - manpower level: 30+
Costco, Manchester - manpower level: 30+
Laurell Building, Downtown Saint Louis - manpower level: 30+
Washington University Data Center Expansion - manpower level: 30+
Cortona Apartments, South City - manpower level: 10+
General Motors Body Shop Expansion - manpower level: 100+
General Motors Stamping Press Expansion - manpower level: 20+
IKEA, St. Louis - manpower level: 100+
Holcim Cement - manpower level: 10+

Frankie Valleroy
Age: 34
Initiated: February 18, 2005 
Certified COMET Instructor, 2013 - Present
Teller, 2014
Examining Board Officer, 2015-2016
Local One Steward Training, 2015 
Jefferson County Labor Club Executive Board, 2017 - Present
Vice President, 2016 - Present
Voluntary Fund Member
Relief Committee Fund member

Luke Valleroy, Journeyman Wireman Apprentice

Jeff Witt started a life of union membership at 16 years old when he joined the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655 at his neighborhood grocery store. Four years later he would join Laborers Local 660 as a hod carrier for a Bricklayers and Allied Crafts Local 1 signatory contractor. After five years of backbreaking work, his lifelong friend Greg Booth encouraged him to apply for Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!our Apprenticeship Program. In 1989 Jeff’s first application for our Inside program was rejected. After the rejection, Jeff would follow the recommendations of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), enrolling in and completing the required night school classes. This commitment and perseverance was recognized by the Committee and Jeff was accepted after his third and final interview. At 26 he was the oldest member of his class and will never forget his first day on the job as an IBEW member, February 20, 1990.

Jeff would volunteer for a steward’s position soon after completing his apprenticeship on June 7, 1994, where he would serve as a long-term steward at under two maintenance contracts, first at Anheuser-Busch and then later, Lambert International Airport.

Jeff’s experience as a union steward and his after-hours commitment to labor advocacy as a member of the Tri-County Labor Club was recognized by the Business Manager and he was recommended for Officer on the Examining Board in 2012 and would run unopposed in 2014. In 2015 Jeff was recommended for a seat on the Executive Board and was recently voted Secretary, a tribute to the respect he has garnered from his peers on the Board.

If you don’t know Jeff, we ask you to talk to someone who does about his level of commitment to the IBEW and the countless hours he donates to IBEW functions, fighting Right-to-Work, and working on behalf of labor-friendly candidates.

When reflecting on the path Jeff has taken to become part of the IBEW family, he wouldn’t have it any other way, “I can’t imagine my life now without the IBEW and the friends I have made along the way. I hope my new grandbaby will consider a career in the IBEW someday!”

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the Unity Club Candidates recommend Brother Jeff Witt for Officer on the Executive Board.

Jeff Witt
Age: 53
Initiated: October 10, 1990
Classification: Journeyman Wireman, 1st generation
Service: Steward, General Foreman, Foreman
Officer, Examining Board, 2012-2015
Officer, Executive Board, 2015-Present
Secretary, Executive Board, 2017 – Present

Daughters: Christine and Ashly
Lucas, Son-in-Law
Drake, Grandson

Many of your incumbent Local Union Officers started their careers of service to the IBEW by accepting a jobsite steward appointment. Those of us fortunate enough to have been a ‘Steward of Record’ for the late Jim Reinheimer Sr., would gain a skillset that continues to serve us to this day. His oldest son would have access to these insights everyday as a young Journeyman Wireman, and Vote for the Unity Club Candidateswitnessed not only his father’s level of commitment, but also his grandfathers, Examining Board Officer Harold Reinheimer.

Shortly after becoming a Journeyman, Jim would accept his first Steward appointment as Chief Steward for former Business Representative Bill Hepburn during the MEMC project. His success as a steward would lead to his appointment on many projects for numerous Representatives. Jim’s steward training continued when he was selected to attend the International Office’s Construction Stewards Training Class and later, the IBEW Steward’s ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Class where the student becomes the teacher.

Jim has served our industry as General Foreman, Foreman, and Steward. Like so many other members during the Great Recession, Jim traveled out of town for work and understands the challenges our members face on the road. These experiences led Jim to push for the implementation of a ‘bid’ Referral System at Local 1. Jim said, “Years ago many members lived relatively close to our union hall and commuting daily to our hiring hall was no big deal. Today many members live an hour or more from the hall and gas was over three dollars a gallon when the bottom dropped out for us, members needed to conserve every dollar they had. A bid system removes the expense and uncertainty of a ‘day book’ during times of high unemployment.”

A consistent IBEW Local 1 volunteer, Jim’s silent support and commitment was recognized by the Staff and Officers of Local 1 and he was recommended for a seat on the Executive Board.

A devoted father and family man intent on being present as his sons grew into adulthood, Jim has now set his sights on applying his long-standing level of commitment as an officer on the Executive Board.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommend Brother Jim Reinheimer, Jr. for Officer on the Executive Board!

Jim Reinheimer Jr.
Age: 50
Initiated: January 16, 1985; 32 year member
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
3rd Generation Member
Executive Board Officer, 2016 - Present
Tri-County Labor Club

Grandfather - Harold M. Reinheimer, Former Examining Board Officer
Father - James C. Reinheimer Sr: former Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Executive Board Officer, Business Representative
Uncle - David M. Reinheimer, Retired JW
Brother - Paul M. Reinheimer, Communication Journeyman Technician, Former Executive Board Officer, Business Representative

Thirty-six year member Greg Schwartz entered our Inside apprenticeship program at just eighteen years old. A second generation Local One member, Greg's father was the President of IBEW Local Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!1145 Sign Erectors before they amalgamated with Local 1 on October 1, 1965.

An experienced steward and foreman well known for his mechanical skills, productivity, and knowledge of our working agreement, Greg would be selected by late Business Manager Donald Bresnan Sr. to attend labor law class at Saint Louis Community College. Throughout his career Greg has supported the efforts of Local 1 Representatives to secure and protect our jurisdiction, volunteering to assist them during official jobsite actions.

In 2011, Greg was elected to the Examining Board and in his own words, fulfilled his first term, “With great honor.” Greg’s strong work ethic and conviction to the backbone of our union made him the right choice to elevate to the position of Officer on the Executive Board in 2015 upon the resignation of Brother Tim Murray.

Greg supports the working men and women of IBEW Local One, and wants to carry on the tradition of our membership. “I realize the tough challenges we face today and I will work hard to keep this local and its members going in the right direction. Thanks to my father, I remember where I came from and how I got here. Remember, one for all and all for one!”

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommend Brother Greg Schwartz for Executive Board!

Greg Schwartz
Initiated: October 19, 1981
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Examining Board Officer, 2012 – 2015
Executive Board Officer, 2015 – Present

Father - Paul M. Schwartz, Sign Erector, President IBEW Local 1145

Steve recounts his time working with his brother Rob and late Business Manager Greg Booth as charter members of the then newly formed Tri-County Labor Club with great pride. Not only would the three spend their evenings and weekends volunteering on behalf of pro-labor candidates, they also worked in concert with other building trades volunteers to transform #10 Droste Plaza into a meetingVote for the Unity Club Candidates! place for what is now one of our areas largest and most successful Labor Clubs.

Like many of our members hit hard by the Great Recession, Steve was forced to travel for more than 4 years to feed his family and knows first-hand how difficult life can be on the road. “I am very proud of my time on the road. I did what I had to do to feed my family and it made me stronger. I understand what those members (on the road) are going through.” Steve noted that he was also very proud of Business Manager Frank Jacobs decision to charter a bus on what would become Local 1’s first-ever, “Book-Signing Tour,” for our unemployed members. Local 124 put out an open call for two upcoming shutdowns. With so many members unable to afford the travel cost to Kansas City, the Local Union chartered a round-trip bus to carry them there to sign Book 2, “That was a great shot-in-the-arm for our members,” Steve said. It was this experience which prompted Steve and his traveling partner, Jim Reinheimer Jr., to push for implementation of a Hiring Hall bid system at Local 1.

A 29-year member, Steve credits his trade union values to his father Henry, “My father was always the steward on the job, when the job was over he went back to hall. He received his 65-year pin and we were happy he was there to see Rob win before passing in 2011.”

Steve is the currently the Shop Steward for Systems Go, LLC, a member-owned IBEW signatory and has served our industry as General Foreman, Foreman, Steward, and Shop Steward.

Steve has completed both the International Office and the IBEW Local 1 Construction steward training programs. In addition to his ongoing association as an Executive Board member of the Tri-County Labor Club, Steve is also an active member of the Warren County Labor Club.

Steve was called forward and recommended for the Executive Board by Business Manager Frank Jacobs because of his unwavering commitment to our cause.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the entire Unity Club recommends Brother Steve Dussold for Officer on the Executive Board!

Steve Dussold
Age: 49
Initiated: March 30, 1988
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Officer, Executive Board, 2016 - Present
Member, Executive Board, Tri-County Labor Club
Member, Warren County Labor Club

Father - Henry Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Brother - Rob Dussold, Journeyman Wireman, former Secretary of the Executive Board, Business Representive
Cousin - Dan Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Cousin - Anne Dussold, Journeyman Wireman
Cousin - Samatha Dussold, Journeyman Wireman

Nick Sachse is a proud graduate of the first ever Communications Journeyman Technician (CJT) apprenticeship class offered by Local 1. Now an 18-year member, Nick was elected in 2011 to represent the membership as a Delegate to the 38Th International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!

Shortly thereafter Nick would be appointed to the Joint Apprenticeship Training Communications Subcommittee, where he evaluates new candidates for the program and then monitors their academic progress once they are accepted.

Nick joined the Missouri Voice-Data-Video (MO-VDV) negotiating team in 2016 and together they successfully negotiated a 9% increase over the contract's 3-year term, a rate above the area-wide average. In addition to these economic gains, the team successfully negotiated double-time language designed to stop overtime abuse during the standard work week.

As the grandson of late Business Manager Roy Sachse and nephew of long-time Officer Dave Sachse, Nick recalls with fondness attending Labor Day parades as a child with his father and his uncles. And when his father was selected as campaign manager during Brother Tom Green’s first bid for the State House in 2000, Nick was by his side, assisting with fundraisers and literature drops. And on the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 6:30 pm you will still find Nick at Tri-County Labor Headquarters working to protect what his grandfather and his family helped build!

As a Communications Journeyman Technician, Nick has served our industry as Steward, Foreman, and General Foreman.

Nick’s appointment to the Executive Board was an evolution of his commitment as a steadfast ally to IBEW Local 1 members and their families.

With the help and support of his wife, Sister Kim Bristow-Sachse, Nick’s understands the level of commitment required to protect, preserve, and grow our union for future generations.

Nick Sachse
Age: 37
Initiated: May 18, 2000
Classification: Communication Journeyman Technician
Delegate, 38th International Convention
Member, JATC Communications Subcommittee
Member, IBEW/NECA Missouri-VDV Negotiating Committee
Member, Tri-County Labor Club

Wife - Kim Bristow-Sachse, Communication Journeyman Technician
Grandfather - Roy Sachse Sr., former Business Manager
Father - Larry Sachse, Journeyman Wireman
Uncle - Roy Sachse Jr.
Uncle - Dave Sachse, former Officer Examining Board, Executive Board, Convention Delegate


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