Initiated on October 15, 1980, 36-year member Jim Douglas currently serves as your Local Union Financial Secretary. During his tenure, Jim has worked to streamline financial office operations, a Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!process which led to the reduction of 38 recurring monthly expenses. In addition, Jim is currently spearheading the offices transition to an online per-capita reporting system, a new process which will greatly reduce the man-hours required under the old reporting method. Once the new system is fully implemented, members will have the ability to view, audit, and pay their dues through an online portal.

As the upgrades to his office continue, Jim finds other ways to contribute. When Business Manager Frank Jacobs called for a committee to review and address the issues faced by our members on the Available for Work list, Jim joined the committee and helped formulate the “40 Day Rule.” designed to address the consequences faced by registered Hiring Hall applicants when accepting short-term job offers.

When Jim saw how many of our members were devastated by the recent high unemployment levels, he moved to add a voluntary Relief Committee contribution to our quarterly dues statements. The “green cards,” as they have come to be known, adds a separate Relief Committee contribution that is now proudly displayed on the receipts of many members.

While working with the tools, Jim gained an impeccable reputation within our Brotherhood for his core union values and mechanical skills, and he continues to coordinate with our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program administrators to instill those attributes in our newest members. Jim worked with Superintendent Tim Kelley to push for the addition of the solar-photovoltaic array on the roof of our Training Center, a system that not only saves utility costs, but is also used as a training tool for our apprentices. Apprentices that, because of Jim, are now required to adhere to a dress code when taking their Oath of Obligation.

Jim also developed and published the popular, “Buy Union Save Unions,” guide, and most recently created the “Important Rules You Should Know,” for members regarding their fringe benefit programs.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Saint Louis, Jim continues to enroll in graduate level coursework towards a Master’s Degree. Jim also holds a seat on the Saint Louis County Board of Zoning Adjustments.

Brother Jim Douglas supports Frank Jacobs for Business Manager; help Jim continue to renovate our union by supporting him in the upcoming union election.

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the Unity Club Candidates recommend Brother Jim Douglas for Financial Secretary!

Jim Douglas
Age: 60
Initiated: October 15, 1980
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Financial Secretary
Vice President
Delegate, 34th IBEW Convention, 100th Anniversary

Father - James R Douglas, Journeyman Wireman
Brother - Michael C. Douglas, Journeyman Wireman

Frank Jacobs

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