Brother Dave Roth joined our ranks in 1979 as a BA Supply member and transitioned into the A apprenticeship program in 1982. It was a proud day for Dave’s father, 50-year member Al Roth, when his son received his Journeyman Wireman classification in 1986. Since that time Dave has served in our industry as Foreman, General Foreman, Steward, and Shop Steward. As a member of the JointJacobs Logo Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), Dave interviewed applicants for our commercial, residential, and communication training programs and participated in the National Joint Apprenticeship Training convention. Appointed Teller for our 1999 and 2002 Local Union election, Dave’s reputation and integrity would help him become our Treasurer in 2003. Reelected as Treasurer in 2005, 2008, 2011, and again in 2014, Dave continues to be a guardian over your dues investment in our Local Union’s general funds.

As a member of the Henry Miller Museum project team, Dave would be the first person from Local 1 to explore the dilapidated Civil War era boarding house where the IBEW was founded in 1891. Dave would escort a structural engineer into the basement of the decaying structure to help confirm the viability of an idea that would evolve into a lasting tribute to our Brotherhood, the Henry Miller Museum. Working with Business Manager Frank Jacobs, the two conceived what would become “Founders Plaza,” as they volleyed their visions back and forth, each building on the other, until the agreed upon final concepts were put to paper. Along the way Dave would oversee all aspects of the project in preparation for our 125th Birthday and he continues to promote the museum, accommodating tour requests from members across the country almost every day.

Institutional electrical construction is an IBEW mainstay in Saint Louis and no one is better versed at navigating the complexities of the BJC Campus Expansion Project than Dave Roth. Dave is proud of the 26 years he spent working in and around the BJC Hospital Complex and uses this experiential knowledge as a Representative to mediate the ongoing daily obstacles faced by our members and contractors.

As Treasurer Dave works with the unions top officers to oversee the general fund contributions of our members to ensure the long-term solvency of our General Funds. Their proactive approach and consistent vigilance has halted the decline of our reserves.

Dave is also the lead negotiator on several stand-alone collective bargaining agreements and sits on the Negotiating Committee for the Residential Memorandum and the NECA Supply agreement. Dave’s efforts in negotiating these agreements take on a special meaning given that his father started his IBEW career as a Residential Wireman and Dave himself started as a material handler.

Dave also donates long hours after work coordinating our industry’s promotional events as a Trustee on our Labor-Management Cooperative Committee, the Saint Louis Electrical Connection. You might see Dave at the Saint Louis Home Show on Saturday or pulling the IBEW float in the Cottleville Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, but what you may not see is Dave coordinating the installation of the Christmas decorations with the volunteer members of Schaeffer Electric Company, something he has done every year since 2011.

To know Dave is to like Dave – that’s for sure, and although Dave is indeed the quintessential gentleman, perhaps his most unique quality is his ability to listen. If you have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with Dave then surely you have recognized his exceptional degree of focus and attention. As one member said, “When I talk to Dave he makes me feel like I am the only person in the room. He listens intently and never interrupts until I am finished!” And Dave’s keen foresight in the face of conflict and adversity - something he has shown us first hand – is a vital asset to our Brotherhood!

Business Manager Frank Jacobs and all the Unity Club Candidates recommend Dave Roth for the position of Treasurer.

Dave Roth
Age: 56
Initiated: August 29, 1979
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Treasurer, 2005 – Present
Teller, 1999, 2002
Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
Negotiating Committee, NECA Residential Memorandum, NECA Supply Agreement
Lead Negotiator, 6 stand-alone agreements
Trustee, Labor-Management Cooperative Committee (Electrical Connection)
IBEW Coordinator, Rebuilding Together Saint Louis

Al Roth, Journeyman Wireman, Retired
Dale Roth, Journeyman Wireman

Frank Jacobs

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