A first-generation member, incumbent Vice President Frankie Valleroy was initiated on February 18, 2005 and graduated from the Inside Apprenticeship Program in 2008. The youngest member of the Unity Club and one of the youngest ever to hold the position of Vice President at Local 1, Frankie’s tally of contributions bely his years of service. Seizing the first available opportunity to become a Vote for the Unity Club Candidates!'Steward of Record,' Frankie thrives on what he describes as, “the front line for Local 1,” proving his ability to represent the interests of the Local Union onsite, advocating for our members and ensuring IBEW jurisdictional boundaries are protected.

With a reputation as a hard worker possessing excellent communication skills, Frankie’s knowledge of our Inside Agreement coupled with his creative approach to problem solving has made him a top choice for Representatives seeking Stewards capable of handling difficult projects. An abbreviated list of his Steward appointments is listed below.

In addition to his performance as a Steward, Frankie is also a natural born teacher. While attending the Construction Organizing Membership Education Training “Train-the-Trainer” class (COMET), Representatives noted the ease with which he commanded the attention of the room while delivering the content. Since his graduation from the program, Frankie has been selected to teach the opening modules of our COMET certification to every class of graduating apprentices since 2013. Business Manager Frank Jacobs was so confident in his ability as a teacher that he sought and received approval for Frankie to teach the International Office’s Construction Stewards Certification Class. As of this writing, Frankie is midway through teaching his first class of 20 members.

Frankie was honored to be selected as a Teller for the 2014 Local Union election and in 2015 Business Manager Jacobs would recommend him for a seat on the Examining Board. Serving on the Examining Board until 2016, Frankie would be elevated to the position of Vice President in late 2016. A longtime member of the Jefferson County Labor Club, Frankie was recently granted a seat on the Club’s Executive Board.

Membership in the IBEW is a great source of pride for Brother Valleroy, a pride that is reflected in his work to educate our younger members on how IBEW members should handle themselves on the job and in the community. Frankie's emphasis on putting your best foot forward mirrors the tenets of the IBEW's Code of Excellence. 

On his mission as an IBEW member and our Vice President, Brother Valleroy offers the following:

“I will stand up against politicians who would see our way of life destroyed. I will defend the gains of those who came before us and fight for better conditions for those that will come after me. I will continue to look for new ways to increase member involvement and strengthen our organization.

I learned at a young age to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I grew up on a wrestling mat and learned that nothing is ever handed to you. You must work hard and fight for everything and apply those lessons every day of your life. Actions most often speak louder than words and I try very hard to lead by example. I have learned over the years that communication is a very important skill. The importance of effective listening is often overlooked, I will always have an open ear for concerns and ideas from the membership. I never shy away from trying someone else’s way, you can always learn something new.”

Abbreviated listing of Steward Appointments: 
Schnucks Des Peres - manpower level: 30+
Costco, Manchester - manpower level: 30+
Laurell Building, Downtown Saint Louis - manpower level: 30+
Washington University Data Center Expansion - manpower level: 30+
Cortona Apartments, South City - manpower level: 10+
General Motors Body Shop Expansion - manpower level: 100+
General Motors Stamping Press Expansion - manpower level: 20+
IKEA, St. Louis - manpower level: 100+
Holcim Cement - manpower level: 10+

Frankie Valleroy
Age: 34
Initiated: February 18, 2005 
Certified COMET Instructor, 2013 - Present
Teller, 2014
Examining Board Officer, 2015-2016
Local One Steward Training, 2015 
Jefferson County Labor Club Executive Board, 2017 - Present
Vice President, 2016 - Present
Voluntary Fund Member
Relief Committee Fund member

Luke Valleroy, Journeyman Wireman Apprentice

Frank Jacobs

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