Business Manager Frank Jacobs has spent the last 26 of his 35 year career in service to our Brotherhood. Beginning as a COMET instructor in 1991, he joined the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee in 1993. While serving on the Committee he was recommended for the Office of Recording Secretary and sworn in on September 25, 1998. During his ten years as our Recording Secretary, Vote for the Unity Club CandidatesBrother Jacobs worked closely with two Financial Secretaries and four Treasurers. A fourth-generation member whose deep IBEW roots include a charter member of Local 1, Brother Jacobs now holds the same office once held by his grandfather, Frank W. Jacobs,  the 11th District’s first International Vice President. His family's legacy of service continued with his father, retired President Jack Jacobs, who remains a source of counsel for his son.

Assuming Office during unprecedented unemployment levels, Brother Jacobs hit the ground running, focusing on easing the economic strain felt by our unemployed and underemployed members. This focus led to several firsts for Local 1, a tribute to his innovative approach to problem solving. Here are a few of the changes implemented under his direction specifically to address unemployment:

  • Adjusting Health and Welfare qualification requirements to enable more members to sustain medical coverage for their family.
  • Modifying the Temporary Extended Unemployment (TES) triggers to enable more members to access the funds while unemployed.
  • Chartering a commercial bus for a book-signing tour to Kansas City designed to alleviate member travel expense and afford them employment opportunities on one of two large industrial projects.
  • Signing a reciprocity agreement with IBEW Local 309 Business Manager Tim Evans to benefit our members working in Local 309
  • Instituting and then streamlining Iowa licensing procedures for members working in IBEW Local 13 and 22.
  • Discreetly coordinating and funding a foreclosure prevention specialist for members in danger of losing their homes.
  • Doubling the number of Reciprocal Book 2 Registration agreements originally established by Business Manager Greg Booth.
  • Establishing a bid referral system to alleviate member travel cost and employment uncertainty.

The unique market conditions during the Great Recession required an adjustment of our rules to ensure that members that had been on the list for years were not devastated by taking a call that lasted less than 8 weeks. Business Manager Jacobs called for a committee to address these issues and worked with Brother Tim Murray on the Committee’s recommendation to implement the “40 Day Rule.” The adjustment was an effective temporary solution to the unique market conditions. Business Manager Jacobs has encouraged members who were displaced during the Great Recession to return to the fold!

As lead negotiator on all IBEW/NECA Agreements, Business Manager Jacobs has successfully negotiated contracts with percentages that are above the area and industry three-year average (2016-2019 Local 1 JW’s avg. 2.96% - over 9% cumulative. Local 1 CJT’s avg. 2.96%, UA Local 562- 2.38%, SMW Local 36 - 2.17%, IBEW 257 - 1.43%, IBEW 350 - 1.67%), with some increases over a full percentage point higher.

One of the hallmarks of a great labor leader is the willingness and ability to cross any bridge on behalf of their members or to achieve labor harmony. Brother Jacobs consistent efforts to reunite the organized labor community in Saint Louis started the first day he was sworn in as our Business Manager.His efforts were recently acknowledged by members of the Saint Louis Building and Construction Trades Council, as he was unanimously elected the new Vice President.

Business Manager Jacobs was appointed to the Governance Board of the Saint Louis Construction Cooperative, the new moniker of the former PRIDE Saint Louis, the 43-year-old Labor-Management Cooperative established to mediate jurisdictional disputes during the construction of the Gateway Arch. Also on that Board is Al Bond, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Saint Louis / Kansas City Regional Council of Carpenters. Business Manager Jacobs continues to urge the Carpenter’s leader to eliminate their Local 57 electrical division, that provides an agreement with wages and benefits below those established for electrical work in our region, a fact in sharp contrast to carpenters’ efforts to prevent the repeal of Prevailing Wage. Business Manager Jacobs most recent offer was designed to end the divide between the Building Trades community and the St Louis Carpenters during a time when our solidarity is crucial to our collective efforts against anti-worker legislation being introduced in our state.

His work to restore and rebuild relationships within our community are aided thanks to the addition of former State Senator Timothy Green to the Electrical Connection. As Senator Green’s final term was coming to an end, Business Manager Jacobs set his sights on securing his political acumen for our industries benefit. Working with NECA, he successfully established the Director of Political and Legislative Affairs, a position now held by the former Senator. Brother Green's addition has been invaluable in our work to fend off the relentless introduction of anti-labor legislation in our State.

As Business Manager, he recently signed an agreement with the Saint Louis Community College District which will grant our graduating apprentices an Associates Degree after completion of just nine college credits. The original 15 credit hour requirement was reduced to 9 after Brother Tim Green’s American Government class was approved and accredited by the College. Business Manager Jacobs has also worked to increase the funding allocated for Training Center upgrades. This additional funding allowed the Center to upgrade their phone system, network, and add a state-of-the-art computer lab designed to integrate the National Training Institute’s blended learning options.

Honored to lead our Local Union during our historic 125th Birthday, Business Manager Jacobs worked to make the 39th Convention one to remember. Working with Brothers Green, Kahrhoff, and Roth, Business Manager Jacobs would not only save the Civil War era boarding house that hosted our first Convention, but would see that it evolved into a lasting tribute to our Founding Fathers and the entire IBEW. Along the way, he successfully campaigned our International Officers to form a 501(C)3 non-profit Missouri Corporation, the Electrical Workers Historical Society, whose governing Board of Directors will always include the Business Manager of Local 1. His work to save the historic structure was recognized by International President Lonnie Stephenson who selected Business Manager Jacobs for Secretary of the Law Committee, a tremendous honor. Thanks to your Business Manager, Henry Miller now has a museum that bears his name -and- an eternal flame. Perhaps more importantly is the Henry Miller statue, voted on and sponsored by the membership, that hangs from the first utility pole in Founders Plaza and bears the name, LOCAL 1! Members from across our nation and Canada make the trip to stand where our Founding Fathers once stood during our birth!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m asking for your continued support of this administration. Together we have battled through the most difficult times ever seen in our great Brotherhood. Even with several large projects on the horizon, we are presently experiencing unacceptable levels of unemployment. With your support, I pledge to continue the work to restore and keep the IBEW in Saint Louis in its rightful place. Our work to end the carpenters upstart union continues, using all means necessary, we will continue the fight.

I am very proud of my staff of Representatives and their devotion to you and our collective goals. Every single one of them has a reputation from their time in the field as a member that you want to work with you, for you or in their crew. It is no surprise that they work just as hard every day to represent you.

Thank you for your support.

In Unity,
Frank Jacobs
Business Manager
IBEW, Local 1

Brother Jacobs passion and dreams for the IBEW motivated him to begin planning and preparing to lead our great Brotherhood long ago, and he is humbled and honored by the support he has received from the membership. With your continued support and vote on June 3rd, together we can continue the progress started by Business Manager Frank Jacobs and the Unity Club!

Frank Jacobs
Age: 54
Classification: Journeyman Wireman
Initiated: September 3, 1982
Business Manager
Fourth Generation

Wife – Married 32 years to Susan
Two Son’s – Daniel and Bradley
Parents – Jack and Jody
Father -  Jack Jacobs, former IBEW Local 1 President
Grandfather - Frank W. Jacobs, Business Represetative, Businiess Manager, 11th District International Vice President


1982 Selected for the Local 1 Inside Construction Apprenticeship Program

1983-1985 Secretary of the Apprenticeship Social Club

1986-May Journeyman Wiremen

1986-June First appointment of many as a Steward

1993 Appointed by Business Manager Don Bresnan to be a COMET instructor

1994-2011 Appointed to the Apprenticeship Training Committee and conducted apprentice interviews for:

  • Business Manager Robert Miller and President Matt O'Neil
  • Business Manager Robert Miller and President Jack Jacobs
  • Business Manager Robert Miller and President Tom George
  • Business Manager Steve Schoemehl and President Tom George
  • Business Manager Steve Licari and President Tom George

Earned 34 continuing education credits in labor studies, fiduciary responsibility, and education studies

Apprentice Rotation:

  • Proposed apprentice rotation in 1995, pushing it hard at the apprenticeship committee.
  • Submitted apprentice rotation contract proposal - accepted into the 2001 contract.

1998 Elected by the Executive Board to serve the remaining term of the Recording Secretary

Duties included:

  • reading and taking minutes of the Regular Union Meeting
  • reviewing and writing a voucher for all expenditure of the local union
  • Worked closely with 5 Treasurers (Jim McNelly, Tim Murray, Matt Lampe, Tom Sansevere & Dave Roth)
  • Worked closely with 2 Financial Secretaries (Francis Telle and Bob Egan)

1999 Ran unopposed and was cross endorsed for the Recording Secretary Office

2000 Appointed to the AFL-CIO "Get Out The Vote"

2002 Ran unopposed for Recording Secretary Office

2005 Ran and won election for Recording Secretary Office

2008-2011 Asked by Business Manager Steve Schoemehl to be an organizer

  • Produced all anti-57 flyers jobsite flyers
  • Blocked local 57 and the AEC from hiring electricians
  • Submitted seven of our members’ resumes at all the local 57 contractors in an attempt to block their hiring.
  • Designed the traveling bill board (Right Choice and baseball theme) and the optic green sticker
  • Assisted International Organizer Duane Moore in the planning and execution of the June 2010 Rally
  • Organized our members impressive protest (600+ members) at the Carpenters Hall in December
  • Developer and writer of the St. Louis News Breaker (newsletter designed for all electricians working in the industry) mailed to our non-Union database, available at Local One Union meetings and online at
    • Missouri and Southern Illinois Locals liked the idea and the name changed to the Midwest News Breaker

2010 (July) Appointed Director of Membership Development

  • Created the Missouri Electrical Compliance Counsel, a watchdog organization established to make sure electrical contractors adhere to a 12-point checklist on all state and federally-funded projects. Prevailing wage and apprenticeship standards are its main concern, but the checklist incorporates several other key concerns.
  • Successfully proposed first ever mass email / text system to connect with members 

2011 Ran and defeated the incumbent Financial Secretary

  • Worked on developing new worksheets to computerize the projection process for retirees.
  • Worked with Business Manager Greg Booth to establish the first ever IBEW Local 1 documentary WE LIGHT THIS CITY promotional campaign
  • Work to calculate the cost saving measures needed that would eliminate the years of spending millions of dollars from our reserves
  • Assisted the Organizer
  • Added Fraternal Notices to IBEW Local 1 website
  • Worked with Business Manager Greg Booth and Rob Dussold as a Health and Welfare Trustee to reestablish IBEW Local 1 / NECA Health Fair
  • Worked with Business Manager Greg Booth to establish "LIVE" remote union meeting broadcasts for our members in Cape (at zero cost)
  • Assisted on all contract negotiations
  • Added new Neopost mail machines designed to decrease clerical workload and cost of postage for Local Union mailings
  • Worked with Business Manager Greg Booth and Rob Dussold as a Health and Welfare Trustee to decrease required work hours for health coverage in an effort to assist our unemployed members. Successfully reduced required hours from 900 to 450.

2012 - Present Was elected by the Executive Board to fulfill the remainder of Business Manager Greg Booths’ term after his untimely passing. Ran unopposed and Re-elected in 2014.

  • Negotiated or oversaw 80+ contract negotiations including the new Inside Agreement, Residential and VDV agreements
    • settled contracts with percentages that are above the area and industry three-year average (2016-2019);
    • Local 1 JW’s avg. 2.96%. Local 1 CJT’s avg. 2.96%, UA Local 562- 2.38%, SMW Local 36 - 2.17%, IBEW 257 - 1.43%, IBEW 350 - 1.67%
  • Implemented more financial changes that have resulted in 5 years without using the general fund reserves
  • Organized 2 contractors away from Local 57, and currently talking to 2 other 57 contractors
  • Worked to eliminate Local 57 contractors from 18 down to 8.
    • There is an offer on the table with the CDC for Local 1 to take over the 57 contract. To date the offer has not been accepted by the CDC. If accepted, it would end this nasty divide in St. Louis labor history. 
  • Implemented the electronic bid system for JW’s, Residential and Communication members, making it more convenient and less expensive for members to take a referral.
  • Instituted the use of credit and debit cards for use in paying for merchandise and dues. We are testing the system in May and hope to have it available by June of 2017.
  • Pension and Salary deferral programs will now have the added benefit of financial adviser Scarborough Capital Management, available to all members of the plan at no cost to the members.
  • Unanimously elected Vice President of the St. Louis Building Trades
  • Worked with the Director and Assistant Director of the Training Center for our Apprenticeship Training program to qualify for an Associate degree in Applied Science  
  • The Elected Officers and Business Reps have continued to make personal sacrifices by cutting their own wages and benefits that has saved the local $1.9 million dollars over the last 5 years. The reps also buy at least 50% of their gas. Along with those commitments to fiscal responsibility, we continue to make smart decisions on spending, even with the expense of fighting Right To Work and the repeal of Prevailing Wage.
  • Established local and area Wednesday evening union meetings, to accommodate the membership.
  • Chairman of the Pension Fund, Salary Deferral Fund, Health and Welfare Fund, Apprenticeship Training Fund, Income Security and TES Fund, Electrical Connection Fund, Holiday and Vacation fund.
  • Hosted first ever "Business Development Workshop" to assist member-owned start-ups
  • First ever specific classification union meetings for IBEW Local 1 members working under "stand-alone" agreements
  • Worked with our Training Center Director to establish new condensed electrical license preparation class (Down from 20 to 10 weeks)
  • Negotiated first ever IBEW Local 1 wireless agreement that enabled 24 Local 1 members to gain full-time employment
  • Worked with our Training Center Director to establish "last minute" weekend OSHA classes for our members that were working out of town 
  • New Inside Agreement size and format - mailed to members for the first time
  • Established IBEW Local 1 social media accounts for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Youtube
  • Worked with our Training Center Director to gain approval from the IOWA Board of Electrical Examiners for classes that meet CEU requirements for Iowa license renewals
  • Introduced Senator Tim Green as Political and Legislative Director of the Electrical Connection LMCC - unanimously accepted by all Trustee's
  • Worked to establish educational programs on Right-To-Work, paycheck deception, and prevailing wage for union members
  • First ever use of automated calling system (robo-calls) to reach members with important information about their union
  • Sponsored first ever book-signing bus trip to ferry members to sign book II in Local Union 124 based on forecast work opportunities
  • Signed 91 agreements with new contractors - Continuing to focus on SHOP-focused organizing.
  • Reduced 38 of 42 recurring operating expenses after implementation of "no stone unturned" fiscal audit plan

Capital upgrades under the Unity Club (using your contributions RESPONSIBLY to ensure our future):

  • New state of the art phone system to increase member access to union staff (ROI 4 years) 
  • New Windows 2012 server with Windows domain with increased security - replaced two old servers with one! 
  • New secure Microsoft Exchange email service with encryption
  • Ongoing upgrade of Local Union Management software to implement online "bid" referral system and electronic online per-capita reporting - first ever use of union IT firm
  • Added more efficient high volume copier cutting production cost by 2/3's
  • New high speed broadband internet service to increase clerical staff productivity and JATC student accessibility
  • New internet firewall in Saint Louis and Cape offices
  • JATC website "member area" designed to help both apprentices and journey level members
  • New Training Center state-of-the-art photovoltaic system (also used as a training tool)
  • New IBEW Local 1 website created in-house 
  • New Union Hall High-Definition overhead projector
  • New security camera's in upper hall lobby to monitor and protect union archives
  • First ever IBEW Local 1 Wifi for members and hall rental guests (internet only)
  • New redundant copper (POTS) alarm lines for Fire Alarm (For the first time in our history our building is being monitored by the Fire Department)
  • New Financial office security system with "open" license - more security with lower cost (ROI 12 months)
  • New 48 volt copper (POTS) alarm lines for financial office to replace PRI line (PRI lines become inactive with loss of power)
  • New elevator alarm phone and structural upgrades to meet code compliance. This was always hidden - now it's fixed!
  • New state of the art computer hardware and software for clerical staff and Representatives
  • Replaced SUV's with economical cars - timed the replacement to save the Local Union property tax fees - no "special car" for Business Manager
  • Upgraded internal financial software

 More about Frank Jacobs 

Born in 1963 and raised in St. Louis Mo

Community Involvement:

  • St. Louis Science Center Board of Directors
  • Democratic State Convention Delegate - 1992, 1996, 2000
  • Attended the 1992 Democratic Convention
  • Worked for numerous candidates in local, state and federal elections.
  • Rockwood Labor Club 2007 - Present
  • Ballwin Athletic Association 1994 – 2017
    • BAA Executive Committee 1999 - 2017
    • President 2008 - 2012
    • Balanced $900,000+ budgets 1999 – 2017
    • West County Business of the Year 2010
  • County Athletic Association 1998 – 2010
    • 4000-5000 players/Yr
    • Boys Commissioner 2001 - 2010
    • President 2005 - 2010
  • Coach of youth sports
    • Youth Baseball 18 years - 1000+ games
    • CYC Soccer 6 seasons
  • CJ Sports Midwest – 2000 – 2004
    • The first premiere baseball tournament company in Eastern Missouri and Southern IL
      • 2000 – 250 teams entered our tournament events
      • 2004 – 2500 teams entered our tournament events


Frank Jacobs

Thank you for supporting the Unity Club


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Through Unity comes strength, through strength comes progress!